20th Anniversary Ishido Cup, January 2018

The 20th anniversary Ishido Cup, named after senior teacher Ishido Sensei, was held over four days in Vianen (Netherlands). This was the largest jodo and iaido seminar and competition Europe has ever seen with over 100 people for jodo and ~200 for iaido.

Jodo teaching was by Ishido Sensei (kyoshi, 8th dan) and Shoji Sensei (kyoshi, 8th dan), who led us through a thorough study of the 12 seitei kata. The jodo competition was great fun, with Kashiwa teacher Will Heal winning bronze and fighting spirit in the 3rd dan division. In all the UK delegation won 6 medals – a fantastic result.

The iaido seminar was taught by Ishido Sensei (hanshi, 8th dan) and our own Kinomoto Sensei (kyoshi, 8th dan). Kinomoto Sensei gave us demonstrations of all 12 seitei kata, with additional explanation by Ishido Sensei. The iaido competition was also great fun, with Will making it to the quarter finals of the 3rd dan division before being knocked out. However, Kashiwa student Abdul Oyede did absolutely brilliantly winning silver in the 1st dan division. The UK delegation came home with four medals.

The medals were exquisitely handmade from bone china by local artist and martial artist Letisja Henderson. They really are something to treasure.

On the last day was the iaido grading and Will passed his 4th dan grading.

Kashiwa Dojo would like to thank all the Dutch organising committee and volunteers who worked their socks off to deliver the event, the European 7th dan assistant teachers, competition judges, grading panellists and last but not least our Dutch Shinkage buddy Jeroen Kanters for giving us a lift to the airport after the event, through rush-hour traffic, when he must have been absolutely shattered!

UK delegation for jodo (Photo by Ally Mihaylova)

UK delegation for iaido (Photo by Ally Mihaylova)

Here we are with our teacher Kinomoto Sensei.